Radio and television personality Kojo Preko Dankwa has stated that the creative art for change group are calling people in the art to join the ‘4more for Nana to do more for the art but has no single achievement to pull art practitioners.’

The ‘SHOWBIZ’ host of CTV wrote this on his Facebook page after a poster from the creative art for change surfaced on the internet calling on industry players to join them on Saturday to launch their support again for the Nana Addo government.

This is what he wrote;

My folks in the Npp creative arts:

*- Note that its elections year and everything you do should reflect what you projecting to create the attention you need.

*- 4more for Nana to do more for the arts yet you not showing any single pictorial evidence/achievement to pull the arts practitioners to your side but rather other achievements from other sectors.

*- What picture/message are you sending to the arts practitioners?

*- Who are the organizers (creative arts for change or new splinter group?

Just passing by. No hard feelings.

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