The President of the VhimCrew Enock Agyepong has Appealed to The Head of Television at C TV Ricky Anokye to bring back the Friday entertainment program The Showbiz.

He said the growing Showbiz industry in Ghana needs such platforms to help build it and its unfortunate that it’s off our screens without any reason.

The Showbiz is a flagship program on C TV hosted by Kojo Preko every Friday and it talks about everything Showbiz.
It has given a lot of young talents the opportunity to showcase their craft to the world through television.

Major industry issues are discussed on it as well and great Showbiz personalities are invited to share their ideas and advice on it every Friday as well.

Enock on his wall explained how much he had benefited from the program for free and believes such positive programs shouldn’t be taken off our screens for the sake of the industry.

Politicians occupy our airwaves from Monday to Friday and the only Saviour of our industry on TV was C TV and it’s very shocking that they’ve taken off the program without any explanation.

Another Fact is that, this is the only program that has a segment called Bloggers Cafe which gives the opportunity to Bloggers in Ghana to sell their brands and stories in fact a lot of Bloggers have expressed their disgust towards the shutting down of the program and some have even threatened a Demonstration.

Another industry player Kelly Mensah said such programs can be emulated by the Creative Arts sector to help develop the industry therefore telling us how important that program is.

It’s sad that the owners of the station have to shut down such a program especially when the industry needs it at this crucial corona season and it’s our hope that they’ll reconsider their decision and bring the program back on our screens.

By: Enoch Agyapong

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