Entertainment or generally presenters who are brought to Accra radio stations sometimes do not leave to expectations.

Moreover some other presenters have stood the test of time and rise to become well known in their presentations.

Presenter and Entertainment pundit, Afia Papabi has rated three presenters who have entered Accra and making it to the top.

Speaking on Accra Fm, Afia said Londona of Kingdom+ Fm, Mike two of Adom Fm and Nana Romeo are presenters who came from different regions to Accra and rising up to the occasion.

She also condemned Nana Romeo of his actions on the Wendy Shay issue and told him he has really lost people who loved him during KiDi’s lateness to his show.

The show was hosted by Nana Romeo himself and he allowed his pundits to pass comment on the issue and their advise.

He accepted everything they said and added that he has been advised not to go on or show any evidence.

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