Radio and Television personality KMJ hint of a new show which seeks to inspire people to work on their dreams.

A post monitored by k-squared media on his Facebook page, revealed how he will take us through this journey.

“From the streets of Koforidua, to the many challenges I’ve seen in my career. Through to the sunshine days where I confidently see myself living the dream of a radio and TV Presenter, I’ve always believed one thing; DREAMS DON’T TURN TO DUST!

I believe I can let others also realise theirs. I don’t have a million bucks to give. I don’t have all the solutions to this but one thing I believe is; my story can make someone, somewhere become who they want to be.

I’ve been there, I’ve seen the struggle, I’ve appreciated the applauds and given attention to the little detail. My worst critics have been at the front row and seen the spotlight shine on me and given me two thumbs way up!

What’s your story? How bad do you want to see your dreams come true? What are you doing about it?

KMJ INSPIRES is here to do just one thing; LISTEN TO YOUR STORY AND INSPIRE YOU WITH HIS STORY. Together we can achieve.

Come With Me…!


Quote :
If we can all touch a life, I’m sure the world will be a better place. It’s not about how many you toch or how much you have, just lift a hand no matter how little.

– KMJ The Royal Host.

KMJ INSPIRES, Coming Soon…!


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