Broadcaster with the Despite Group Abeiku Santana has added his voice to battle in the Gospel Music Industry when Patience Nyarko asked the people to stop over hyping Joe Mettle.

The well known presenter also came in hard on the singer and said Patience Nyarko is demon possessed.

This didn’t go down well with a lot of industry players and attacking the outspoken presenter.

The latest is a letter Patience Nyarko has written to Abeiku Santana for making such an guided comment about her..


Dear Abeiku Santana,

I listened to your outburst on your show, Tuesday, 27th May 2020 with such disappointment and worry – considering where and which platform it emanated from.

I am sure that any fair-minded person who listened to you would attest that you were unnecessarily harsh and your choice of words were not the best. Your claims were offensive and very divisive.

Please, when you do a sober reflection on your actions, you’d realize that you were far from fair, accurate, objective and ethical in your professional duty as an experienced and respected broadcast journalist.

A brand as huge as yours, working for a top brand like Okay FM, the least you could do was not to take side and show an open bias.
Your wild claim about me being on a demonic agenda against my fellow gospel musician and your resolve to stand with the person and pray, rather creates further division among the body of Christ, unfortunately.

At a time when all stakeholders within the industry are feverishly trying to project unity and for us, Ministers of the gospel to focus on the ultimate goal of winning souls for Christ, your commentary was highly unfortunate and inappropriate.

I still have respect for you, your platform and the media in general. I strongly believe we can still work together and use our respective platforms to project positivity.

I sincerely forgive you for all the insinuations cast on my personality and any injury you may have caused to my brand.

I still remain resolute with my stance on support and equal opportunities for all hardworking gospel artistes in the country.
Together, let’s push the Jesus Christ agenda, with unity, respect and harmony.

God Bless You!

Patience Nyarko.


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