Benjamin Oduro Arhin Jnr aka Bnoskka – IP & Creative Arts Business Consultant who doubles as the Watch Your Tongue Campaign General Secretary, made these remarks in an interview with the press on Friday August 14, 2020.

According to Bnoskka, We are not in normal times, my brothers and sisters, fellow Ghanaians, ladies and gentlemen of the press.

Due to the pandemic Coronavirus covid-19, it has become necessary to appeal to Church leaders, Pastors and Religious leaders to heed to my humble call so that together we can help believers and church members readjust financially.

It’s believed that in difficult times that when one sow seeds in hunger they reap the benefits bountifully but I think seed sowing in this season should be practically planting of food and crops, vegetation and cash crops which will yield practical fruits and not spiritual.

Issues arising from pandemic lockdown, makes it clear that we need to be more mindful of human life and striving more on the means of productive products than spiritual products.

Therefore, I strongly urge all religious leaders to be very supernatural carers and not to overburdened their followers with ambitious projects fundraising. If the need be it should moderately carried out towards relief items meant to support their members where the donors freely gives towards such cause.

Let us all see a massive education on domestication and survival teachers that will steer people’s minds towards storing food and essential items instead of raising funds for luxury and fancy stuffs.

In as much as heaven may be real, let us not hear pastors guilt tripping members to give out money and their possessions out of fear and desperations. But in deep conviction fundraising which will benefit humanity in masses and not in individualism.

I therefore, declare all 2020 harvest, building projects and other fundraising activities postponed till 2021 for the love of God and mankind.


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