In the sad state of Hiplife musician Okomfo Kwadee, many have attributed his ill health to a lot of factors causing his current state of mind.

Manager of the late Ghanaian artiste Terry Bonchaka has added his voice and revealed Terry advised Kwadee to stop smoking weed before the death of the musician.

Reagan Mends speaking in an interview on Hot Fm as reported by Attractive Mustapha a blogger about the viral picture of Kwadee’s state, Reagan Mends said that the current state of the legendary Hiplife artiste is sad and extremely embarrassing.

Reagan said the late Terry Bonchaka was a close friend of Okomfo Kwadee and he advised him to reduce or stop his smoking habit but Kwadee failed to listen to him.

The former manager also said that somewhere in 2003, Kwadee and Terry Bonchaka went to HO Polytechnic to perform together and on their way back to Accra they sat in Kwadee’s red BMW car then Kwadee started smoking heavily.

He continued that Terry Bonchaka who went on to advised Kwadee several times to stop smoking, vowed to report him to the next police station and Terry really did but luckily for Kwadee the police thought it was a prank so they laughed over it and asked them to continue their journey.

Reagan also allegedly said apart from Kwadee smoking he also takes in alcohol which adds up to why his situation keeps getting worse.

Source: Blogger Attractive Mustapha

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