Current report of stories of some bloggers without making the necessary checks is really causing the professionalism of the job.

Kojo Preko Dankwa who is a strong industry player and with FOCAP took to his Facebook page to pen down his disappointments in some bloggers on how they report issues without any checks.

Read what Kojo Preko Dankwa wrote;

Focap have observed for a while with worry how some of our bloggers lie just for likes and views and we believe it must stop.

Journalism is all about credibility therefore when you keep on deliberately lying to the public they begin to lose trust in you. It’s ok to make mistakes but to deliberately lie is a different ballgame all together.

Blogging nowadays is all about making money and therefore throwing the ethics of journalism which tells us to check, check and check again before publishing away to the dogs.

Sadly as long as you can pay a blogger he or she becomes you puddle and loses his conscience to the extent that even when he or she knows you are lying they will defend the lie.

It becomes a worry when this cheap form of journalism finds its way into the mainstream and professional journalism and sometimes investigative journalism where people will investigate and know the truth but put out a lie to the public.

Case Study: Tracey Boakye’s SUSPENSION from FIPAG.

Yesterday a press release from FIPAG indicating that Tracey Boakye had been suspended from the Association for her insulting behavior which had brought the name of the association into disrepute.

Tracey Boakye quickly came out with a video saying she wasn’t a member of FIPAG therefore they were in no position to suspend her.
As usual our Bloggers took Tracey’s version and published it with headlines like
Tracey Blast FIPAG,
I’m Not a member of FIPAG- Tracey Boakye and so on and so forth.

They refused to even acknowledge and publish FIPAG suspension letter and some even insulted them to concentrate on bringing the film industry back rather than in their words victimizing their Tracey.

Our issue right there was why couldn’t these bloggers just call FIPAG to verify before following the lady like poodles to the extent that even after the President of FIPAG had confirmed the lady’s membership status some still wanted to deny and twist it.

Even in an interview on Onua 95.1fm on Christians show Tracey in a phone in interview said She went to their congress ground to vote during their elections so at least these bloggers could have asked themselves what will someone who is not a member of an association be doing at their congress grounds.

Well we have done our checks and we can say on authority that Tracey Boakye is a member of FIPAG and her FIPAG membership number is FPD173.

Let us as Journalism learn to speak the truth to the public so we can build a better society.

We will also encourage associations like ATWAG to educate their members on how bad Journalism/Blogging can destroy an industry and also urge them to put punitive measures in place so that members who go contrary to those rules are punished for the sake of the industry and society.

Wrong is wrong and Right is Right.

#FOCAP #PositiveAdvocacy

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