Comedienne Jacinta was dared by host KMJ to remove her wig on live TV during a TRUTH or DARE segment on SHOWBIZ NOW on Joy Prime. Jacinta who was on the show as the celebrity guest was to choose from a set of questions on TRUTH or DARE.

After she chose DARE, the presenter dared her to remove her wig or chew pepper or garlic. Not comfortable with chewing either the pepper or garlic, she went straight to remove her wig, revealing her black ladies cap on her head throughout the show.

Jacinta Asi Ocansey is a Nigerian-Ghanaian stand-up comedian, singer and actress. some of the awards she has won include; Ghana Tertiary Awards 2016 – Most Influential Student Comedian, Most Popular Student and Most Entertaining Student.

Showbiz now is aired on Joy Prime from Monday to Friday at 11am. The celebrity Truth or Dare segment of the show airs on Fridays.

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